Logical Vision was started by two graduates from IIT Roorkee due to their shared concern that there are plenty of myths prevalent in the Indian Society that have no logical or scientific underpinnings. These myths have been passed from parents to their children for so many generations and have become so deeply rooted that many times we mistake them for facts. And it is not just the uneducated who are ignorant. Our experiences with people in IITs and other higher-education institutes have taught us that a majority of us have never questioned these beliefs. But we are here to change that.

Is homeopathic medication effective, is astrology a real science, are house lizards poisonous, are snakes fond of milk, and can I drink water after tea? These are the kind of questions we would like to educate our audience about. And don’t worry if some of these seem downright bizarre. The posts on this blog are just meant to stir the thoughts inside your head. Get out there and do your own research. Question other people, search the net, post in the comments or drop us an email. Do not believe anything, including the posts on this blog until you are entirely convinced.

Also, please visit my brother’s website www.chewtab.com which is an is an upcoming internet media company based in New Delhi.

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