Homeopathy is as fake as the statement above. There are multiple scientific pieces of evidence that prove that homeopathy is no better than a placebo in curing diseases. Quackery, nonsense, and fraud are some words that have been used in the scientific literature to describe this practice that was first proposed in the 18th century by a German physician – Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann. This pseudo-science is based on the principle that “like kills like.” The proponents of homeopathy may reason that a vaccine works in a similar fashion, but where on one hand a vaccine introduces a weakened/killed form of virus or bacterium in the body to provoke its immune response, “like kills like” makes the baseless assumption that what causes similar symptoms can cure those symptoms. If a snake bite will give you cardiac arrest, use snake venom to treat a heart attack. But the funny thing is that do not even give you

just water

the snake venom; if they did, you would surely die more easily because of the medicine than the disease. The degree to which the substance is diluted is beyond imagination. They take one part substance and mix it with ten parts water. But the snake venom would still kill you at such concentrations. So, one part of this solution is diluted with 10 parts water and the process is repeated until the solution has one part of the substance in 10^20 parts of water. Try putting a drop of ink in sea water. All the oceans in the world do not have enough water to dilute it to the levels desired by homeopaths. The concentration is equivalent to one drop of the substance in an ocean the size of our solar system. Which means that there is not a single molecule of the substance in your medicine, it’s just water or sugar.

“The continued practice of homeopathy has been criticized by many as being dangerous because it prevents the patient from seeking proper treatment that relies on scientifically proven methods.”

But could homeopathy be something beyond being just a quack? Yes, it’s dangerous! The continued practice of homeopathy has been criticized by many as being dangerous because it prevents the patient from seeking proper treatment that relies on scientifically proven methods. Some people may falsely perceive positive effects of homeopathy, but that can be attributed to the following reasons:

  • human body has self-healing abilities: many injuries and diseases will be automatically cured by our own immune system given enough time, even if no treatment is taken;
  • sometimes even fake medicines can provide relief due to the placebo effect, i.e. just a psychological benefit; and
  • some studies that have been conducted by the proponents of homeopathy may show positive effects beyond placebo just by chance. If 20 studies are conducted, one of them is likely to, just by pure coincidence, conclude that homeopathy is effective. If I ask every person on the earth to write down that they are going to die today, I could conclude in tomorrow’s paper that there were more than 1,50,000 psychics in the world who knew exactly when they are going to die. But of course, you would not believe me because this is the average number of people who die every day.

Despite the increasing evidence of homeopathy’s complete ineffectiveness in treating diseases, the multi-million-dollar industry continues to thrive, jeopardizing the lives of the people who believe in it. I would humbly beg you to talk to your close-ones about this fraud practice or to at least initiate a discussion if you are not convinced.

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